Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber

If you ever find yourself at the Galaxy's Edge Star Wars attraction at Disneyland and you want the full experience,this saber is for you. That is. you can find a Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber at the enormous 14-acre attraction to fully immerse yourself. The saber might be quite expensive, but it's worth it. It uses the most modern dueling technology and thus, it belongs to ISABERS'most exclusive sabers. It also falls under the category of official Disney merchandise, which logically contributes to the high price.

Try ISABERS Galaxy Lightsabers

At ISABERS. you can purchase lightsabers that can be customized according to your preferences. It doesn't matter whether you want to take on the role of a Sith Lord or Jedi Master Yoda. ISABERS can offer you the most high-quality and advanced lightsabers available on the market.

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How Much Do Galaxy's Edge Lightsabers Cost?

It depends on where you purchase the saber. On the one hand. there's the option of buying the saber in a Disney store in Disnevland.
However. this entails purchasing the hilt and blade separately. This results in an approximate price of $200.On the other hand. you could also get the lightsaber at ISABERS. With this option, you can get the same quality for a much more democratic price of $70.

Are Galaxy's Edge Lightsabers Worth It?

YES! The Galaxy's Edge lightsaber is one of the most popular accessories associated with the Galaxy's Edge Star Wars attraction. This is the case for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Of course. the saber at the Disney store is quite expensive. Yet, every true Star Wars fan should be entitled to the most modern dueling lightsaber technology. This shouldn't be defined by the high Disney prices, So,the ISABERS sabers are definitely worth it!

How Long Does It Take to Build a Lightsaber at Galaxy's Edge?

When you visit the Disney attraction,you can build a lightsaber yourself. This is from start to finish so it takes a rather long time.Don't get us wrong, this can be an extremely joyous experience. However. not everyone has the time or resources to undergo the entire process. If you decide to order your saber from ISABERS instead. you'll ind you can have it shipped to your home in only a matter of time!

What Color Lightsaber Can You Make at Galaxy's Edge?

There are a few options at the Galaxy's Edge store. For can choose between colors such as and green. Yet. you can just as easily opt for violet kyber crystal. This will permanently determine the color of your saber.
At ISABERS.there's truly a very varied assortment of colors to choose from. This is not limited to the basic colors such as red. Instead. there are up to 11 colors for you to choose from!

How to Change Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber Blade Color?

Unfortunately.each saber at the Galaxy's Edge store only comes in one color. If you want different colors.youll have to purchase multiple sabers. which will surely cost you money.
At ISABERS,we respect your desire to change colors every once in a while.That's why our sabers offer you the possibility to customize colors infinitely.So, if you purchase an ISABERS lightsaber, you can change the color of your blade whenever you want.
How to Get Galaxy's Edge Lightsabers Home? Can You Ship It Home?

How to Get Galaxy's Edge Lightsabers Home? Can You Ship It Home?

If you buy a saber through our website,you can just buy one online. Then,you simply have to wait until yourlocal courier delivers your package.
You can also decide to ship your lightsaber from Droid Depot. If you do, you can skip the line in front and go straight to the registers at the back of the shop. You can also ship your saber from Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities. Toprovide you with some reference. it costs us about $17.95 to ship one saber from PopCentury. Of course. international shipping will cost you more. This includes shipping to Canada.
If you have to take your saber on a must be careful. For instance. ensure that the saber is packed tightly in a box or a bag with extra padding.This will protect the saber from moving around too much during the flight, Some travelers like to separate the hilts from the blades Some even like to pack the blades in a separate bag of checked-in luggage.

Are There Galaxy Edge Lightsaber Spare Parts Available?

Only additional kyber crvstals are ayailable at Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiguities.This costs $49.99. Savi's Workshop atthe Walt Disney World resort offers several colors and also kyber crystals. These come in white and yellow. However. due to high demand, they are often sold out
At ISABERS. lightsaber parts are for sale all the time. You just have to visit our website to place an order. can just wait at home until the parts get delivered to your home. How convenient!

Are Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber Retractable?

After some difficulties in this department, the Walt Disney Company invented the concept of retractable lightsabers. This is based on highly advanced technology. Because of it. these sabers look like they truly belong in the Star Wars Galaxy,

How Much Does a Droid Cost At Galaxy's Edge?

A handbuilt droid costs $99.99 plus tax. This cost price includes a carrying box and a manual. Unfortunately,the price doesn't encompass any add-ons such as personality-affliation chips.