Yellow Lightsaber

Though the first appearance of a vellow lightsaber in the main Star Wars films was in The Rise of Skywalker(Rey was shown wielding one at the movie's end), these yellow bladed weapons have actually been around for a long time in Star Wars lore. They were said to be common during the era of the Old Republic, though they would later fall out of fashion when the Clone Wars came along.

Yellow Lightsaber Meaning

Being such an uncommon lightsaber color. no one knows exactly what the inherent meaning of yellow lightsabers are. One unproven theory states that only those who have gone or have been tempted to join the Dark Side will only wield yellow lightsabers. This theory have largely been unproven though. The yellow color state balance and neutrality. This is the color associated with the Jedi Sentinels. a school of Jedi known for balancing both the combat and diplomatic aspects of the Force.

Yellow Lightsaber History

The history behind yellow lightsabers are still shrouded in mystery. Yellow lightsabers pretty much start the same as any other lightsaber. A lightside Force-user crafts their lightsaber with a kyber crystal in some sort of meditative ritual. These crystals would then turn into either the traditional blue or green of the Jedi or any of the rarer colors like yellow or purple.

Using a Custom Yellow Lightsaber

Can't decide what color to use for your own lightsaber? With ISABERS,you don't even have to choose. All of our sabers have an infinite color setting. This means that you can toggle your weapon to any color that you want.It doesn't matter whether it's blue (like Anakin and Obi-Wan):green (Luke): yellow(Rey): and even red (if you're Dark Side-inclined).

Rey's Yellow Lightsaber- Why. Where and More

Though it's never been explained in-universe. Rey's lightsaber color might indicate that the young Jedi is attuned to both the combative and diplomatic aspects of the Force, ust like the Jedi Sentinels before her, She constructed her yellow liahtsaber around after the First Order-Resistance War. It can also represent her unique path to Jedi-hood and the special connection she has to the entirety of the light side of the Force.

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What Jedi Use Yellow Lightsabers?

Jedi who have used or wielded a yellow-colored lightsaber include Rey Skywalker. Plo Koon. Mallie Marek, and Bastila Shan. Anakin Skywalker's apprentice Ahsoka Tano wielded a yellow lightsaber with a slight areen tinge when she was a voung Padawan. Jedi Temple Guards also use yellow lightsabers. But theirs are assigned to them by the Order as part of their official equipment and are not personally crafted.

Should You Use a Yellow Lightsaber?

The color of your lightsaber will depend on you. Those who like to stick to tradition can go with the usual blue or green,while those who are drawn to the Dark Side can go for red. However, if you're the type who would like to balance the light and dark side aspects of the Force and carve your own path in the world then a yellow lightsaber would be perfect for you.

Who Were the Jedi Sentinels? And why are they using yellow lightsabers?

The Jedi Order has three constituent schools-the Guardians, the Consulars. and the Sentinels. The Guardians' talents lie in battle and martial training.while the Consulars specialize in diplomacy and peace-keeping. The Sentinels is a mix of the two, and students can choose to undergo further training for specialized roles like Jedi Investigators, Recruiters, and Temple Guards.This aspect of balance and equilibrium is represented by the Sentinels' preferred lightsaber color, which is yellow.

Is the Yellow Lightsaber Good or Bad?

lt's important to note that yellow lightsabers aren'tinherently part of the light side of the Force (like blue and green are)nor are they part of the dark side (like red is). The color denotes a balanced personality,one that can see through both sides of the Force and is still fundamentally a good person.

How Rare is a Yellow Lightsaber?

Yellow lightsabers are pretty rare. The most prominent Force user who have wielded one is Rey at the end of The Rise of Skywalker movie. Other characters who have wielded a yellow lightsaber include Ventress(a character from the Clone Wars). Ahsoka(though hers is actually yellow-green). and Jedi Master Plo Koon.

Why the Yellow Lightsaber is so Uncommon?

Yellow is uncommon because there's just not enough Sentinels (ie. the people who use yellow-colored lightsabers the most) around. Those who do possess one aren't inclined to use their weapons as much as Jedi Guardians do. This is due to the fact that Sentinels are usually engaged in clandestine tasks that are non-combat in nature.

How is a Lightsaber Constructed?

For the Jedi lightsaber construction is part of their training. Young Padawans go through a ritual of "bonding" with a kyber crystal. They would then construct their lightsaber by bringing together components like a power source, an emitter shroud. activator or switches, and then the kyber crstal itself using the Force.

Where Do Kyber Crystals Come from and How Do They Get Their Color?

Kyber crystals used to be found abundantly growing in caves throughout the galaxy. These crystals naturally have an innate connection to the Force. They are naturally colorless. The crystal gains its unique color through the bonding process of the lightsaber construction ritual.