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Scutel Lightsaber

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Really feel the power of this fearless Scutel Lightsaber.

The saber is a model of power and strength. This saber has a stylish hilt layout as well as unique emitter grooves. This has a dual-tone handle color design, a black coating, as well as ring patterns at the neck of the emitter as well as its pommel. This saber is has a longer hilt however lightweight and offers you a fantastic handle grip that makes it simpler to steer and play this lightsaber. With an also weight distribution, the saber is best for mix-ups in your numerous fighting designs, both single and two-handed. Because of these great features, this saber is extremely liked by male adult wielders but kids can have them also. The saber is an ideal fit for method, creating lightsaber stunts as well as battles because of its comfortable handle hold. With the unique handle and lightsaber attributes, this is ideal for your art and choreography, collections, and also prepares you for dueling.

The saber is loaded with functions you would want from an actual lightsaber, and also is extremely happy to offer this sensational lightsaber at an economical cost. The saber is an extremely crafted lightsaber with a distinctive handle style and tough existence. This saber has actually a recognizable crowned emitter that looks like claws, smooth black finish, as well as includes several rings over and also below the hold section. The handle has to do with 32 centimeters long, with an additional length to expand the wielder's reaches. The hold area has oblong grooves for safeguarded handling. We offer this duel-ready lightsaber with a long lasting, shatter-proof Polycarbonate blade, superb quality handle products, and superior electronics technology that give all the impressive saber impacts. This lightsaber likewise features our newest electronics package-- an RGB LED color-cycle blade. The Talon is a full-featured battle saber that comes total. This is a value-for-money lightsaber that has impressive functions like all other realistic lightsabers. If you want to possess a trendy as well as duel-ready saber, this set is best for you.


The Scutel Lightsaber’s functions include Pre-Power ON, Blaster Deflection Effects, Lock-up Effect, Flash-On-Clash Effects, Volume Adjustment, Light Effective Adjustments, Force Sound Effect, Background Music, and Smooth Swing Effect.

  • Airplane-Grade Hilt - Made of high quality Aluminum Alloy material, 28cm length
  • Combat-Grade Blade - Made of high quality 36″ Polycarbonate material,  2mm thickness, 92cm length, 1 inch OD
  • Brilliant  Light Colour - Super Bright 9 Watts RGB LED, premium LED of infinite colors, 12 preset colors for quick selection
  • Changeable Light Effect - Neutral light, Stable and Unstable color
  • High-Quality Sound - Advance Sound Board With Premium Sounds, Great Quality 2-3 Watts 4/8 Ohm Speaker, Motion Sensor Smooth Swing Sound
  • Multiple Sound Modes - 10 Sets Sound Fonts and Mute (Bensolo, Luke, I was waiting for this day for long time, The force, You have something I want, Horizon, Emperor, Obiwan Kenobi, Angry Ani Rots, Qui gin tonix)
  • Advanced configuration - Durable Internal Electronic Chassis
  • Premium Charging Mode - In-Hilt Recharge and Fast–Charging USB Charger, 2000mAh 18650 3.7V Safety Protected Battery


✓ Lightsaber Hilt (1)
✓ Polycarbonate Blade (1)
✓ USB charger (1)
✓ Hex wrench and screw set (1)

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Scutel Lightsaber

Scutel Lightsaber

$195.00 USD