Jedi Ranks Explained and The Main Characters Ranking

Jedi Ranks Explained and The Main Characters Ranking

In the Star Wars universe, Jedi are a select group of warriors who dedicate their lives to defending the Galaxy from evil. Jedi come from all walks of life and are trained in the ways of the Force. There are several different ranks within the Jedi order, each with its own set of responsibilities and privileges. In this article, we will explore the various Jedi ranks and explain how they work.

Jedi Youngling


Jedi Younglings

The Jedi Younglings are Jedi initiated children who start their Jedi training at the Jedi Temple. They train in the ways of the Force and learn basic skills such as lightsaber training and Jedi meditation techniques.

Jedi Padawan

Next come the Padawan learner, apprentice Jedi who are trained by Jedi Masters. At this stage, these padawan learners focus on mastering more complex Jedi techniques, including greater mastery of Force powers. Upon completing their Padawan apprenticeship, the Jedi undergo the Jedi Trials to become a full Jedi Knight.



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Jedi Knight

Jedi Knights have mastered significant knowledge and skill in The Force and Lightsaber Combat. They are officially recognized as members of The Jedi Order and granted full rights to use their abilities to serve others. A Jedi Knight can choose one specialization between Jedi Consular, Jedi Guardian and Jedi Sentinel. Jedi Consulars specialize in diplomacy, Jedi Guardians focus on lightsaber combat, and Jedi Sentinels combine the two disciplines.

Jedi Masters

Jedi Masters are experienced Jedi Knights who have completed their Jedi Trials and achieved a higher level of mastery in The Force. They train Padawans as well as teach other Jedi techniques. Some Jedi Masters also serve as members of the Jedi Council, an advisory body that advises the Galactic Senate on matters concerning peace in the Galaxy.

Jedi Order


Jedi Council Members

Jedi Council Members are appointed by the Jedi High Council and serve for life terms. They bring experience and wisdom to bear when making decisions about galactic events and represent their respective council systems at crucial moments of galactic history.

The Jedi Council convening on Coruscant


The Jedi Master of the Order

The Jedi Master of the Order is a Jedi leader and administrator who serves as the head of The Jedi Council. This Jedi represents The Jedi Order in diplomatic matters with external organizations and is responsible for overseeing Jedi operations throughout the Galaxy.

Grand Master Yoda


The Grand Master

The Grand Master is an honorary rank given to powerful Force-sensitive individuals who have displayed exceptional leadership skills, wisdom and knowledge throughout their Jedi career. They are tasked with maintaining peace and justice in the Galaxy while protecting its citizens from danger.


Overall, Jedi ranks provide a hierarchy of power and influence within the Jedi Order. Each Jedi rank has its own responsibilities and privileges, ranging from Jedi Initiates to those entrusted with keeping peace throughout the Galaxy. It is an honor to attain these ranks, and Jedi strive to become powerful members of The Jedi Order to protect the Galaxy from evil. With dedication and hard work, anyone can rise through the ranks of Jedi Knights and achieve greatness.


What are the seven Jedi ranks?

As we can see from the content above, the 7 Jedi ranks are Youngling, Padawan, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, Jedi Council Member, Master of the Order and Grand Master.

Who is the highest Jedi rank?

The highest-ranking Jedi knight is the Grand Master. This individual has power and influence over all Jedi and commands respect from other members of The Jedi Order.

What is Anakin's Rank?

Anakin Skywalker was a Jedi Knight before he turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader. He had achieved great skill in The Force and Lightsaber Combat, so it is safe to say that his Jedi ranking would have been Jedi Knight.

Are there non-Jedi rankings within the Jedi Order?

No, all ranks within the Jedi Order are only attributed to those trained in The Force and Lightsaber Combat. Non-Force sensitive individuals cannot attain any of these ranks.

What rank is Master Yoda?

Master Yoda was a Jedi Grand Master, achieving the highest Jedi ranking. He was also a member of The Jedi Council and served as the Jedi High Lord. He was one of the most powerful Jedi ever known and had an important role in galactic events throughout his time.

What rank is Mace Windu?

Mace Windu is a Jedi Master who held a seat on The Jedi Council. He was considered one of the most skilled Jedi in lightsaber combat and had great influence over other members of The Jedi Order.

What rank is Obi Wan Kenobi?

Obi-Wan Kenobi was a Jedi Knight and later Jedi Master who served The Jedi Order for many years. He achieved mastery in The Force and Lightsaber Combat and was highly respected among his peers. He is considered to be one of the greatest Jedi Masters in history.

What rank is Qui-Gon Jinn?

Qui-Gon Jinn was a Jedi Master before sacrificing himself to serve the Galaxy. He had mastered the Force and Lightsaber Combat, having trained many Padawans as a Jedi Knight. His selfless actions during battle earned him the respect of many fellow Jedi Masters.

What rank is Luke Skywalker?

Luke Skywalker was a Jedi Knight before he chose to go into exile. He had attained considerable skill in The Force, Lightsaber Combat and Jedi Wisdom, proving himself to be a worthy Jedi Knight. After his return from exile, he went on to become the Jedi Grand Master of The New Jedi Order.

What is Rey's Jedi rank?

Rey is currently a Jedi Padawan, training under General Leia Organa at Luke's Jedi Academy. She has shown great potential for mastering The Force and Lightsaber Combat, so it seems that she will soon rise through the ranks of Jedi Knights and attain greatness within The Jedi Order.

What rank is Ahsoka Tano?

At age three, Ahsoka Tano was found by Plo Koon and graciously welcomed into the Jedi Order. Twelve years later, Grand Master Yoda bestowed upon her the honorable title of Padawan and paired her with Anakin Skywalker as an apprentice.

What are some benefits of being a higher-ranking Jedi?

The higher-ranking Jedis have more power within The Jedi Order, as well as access to more resources and knowledge that can be used for Jedi missions. Jedi Masters and Jedi Council Members have more authority over other Jedi, while Grand Masters are the commanders of The Jedi Order and are responsible for making important decisions that affect the fate of the Galaxy.

High-ranking Jedi also receive special privileges such as access to ancient knowledge, powerful artifacts and sacred teachings, and greater influence in galactic events. They can even become members of The Jedi High Council if chosen by their peers.

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